Minimalism, the new generations way of life?

Posted by Lindsay Castergini on November 13, 2014

minimalism, its about life, not just your closet.

I find myself thinking a lot about the changes of each generation. How each new decade brings on new changes, new technology and most of all new thinking. As time passes I have noticed a good deal of change in the new generations way of living. There seems to be a need to feel free, light and even detached from one specific location or label. New thoughts of how life should be lived and how many items that people in the older years of felt they need, are no longer a need and more of an inconvenience.

Minimalism, the new generations way of life? To many I feel it is, less is more. The ability to detach and get up and go at a moments notice. Living out of a backpack rather than piling up suitcases full of outfits for different occasions and shoes of every kind. The ability to live life free of all locational attachments. I am finding that more and more, this is the way people are choosing to live.

With new TV series coming on, such as Tiny Nation, where families are downsizing, moving from 3000 square feet homes to 300 square feet home. living more on their decks rather than an expansive living room filled with un-used collected items. Living in homes that provide multi-purpose functions, desks that fold to tables, couches that fold to beds, chairs that provide storage for clothing. This is the change that seems to be coming.

Now, I’m not saying this is for everyone, but its definitely an increasingly larger number than I’ve seen in previous years. Where do you desire to live? Larger with more square footage and the comfort of providing ample living space for your family? Or smaller compact living with an emphasis on outdoor space and less physical items? I’m interested to hear your thoughts!